I am so proud to announce the opening of Cachéz Salon Studio. I have been around the hair industry since I was a young child. My Uncle, Mark Paladino, owned and operated two salons, one in the Hartford Civic Center and one in West Hartford Center. He was the stylist that woman loved! Never did i see him with an empty chair.  My Grandmother, Jackie Paladino, managed both salons, teaching me how incredibly hard she worked to run the businesses. She began taking me along to work with her on weekends because I was completely obsessed with the industry.
    Unfortunately, the salons wound up closing after a bitter divorce between my Uncle and his wife. The salons' name was CaChéz. So when I decided to open up my own studio, I knew exactly what the name should be. In turn, I welcome you to "Cachéz Salon Studio”. This salon is for you from the heart and soul of me.
    I have taken everything I have learned since then being surrounded by numerous salons, owners, co workers, products and locations. This salon is my perfection for you. I have seen what works and what doesn’t. I have watched, listened and learned from so many amazing people and have taken from them the good and the bad to make something you will enjoy.  Over the years I have also had a very strong commitment to further advance my training. I am a Certified Color Specialist and Certified Keratin Complex Stylist.

    Today, my passion for education has transformed past the need to continue to learn because it is what's expected but now I view it as what makes me an artist. There are a million people who can cut or color hair but how many people have done your hair that view their service as creating art?

   This is the passion and creativity that fuels me. I want to make your hair my art!

    Cachéz Salon Studio, is a private studio. There is no noise or chaos of a large salon atmosphere. This space allows me to do my very best work for you without distractions. I have provided you a space of privacy, comfort and relaxation while receiving one on one attention. The studio is furnished with brand new equipment, styling tools and products. All of my hair color and chemicals are strictly the industry’s absolute best with the newest technology/formulations. And you make even notice a few handy-man paint brushes while I paint your hair...

I welcome you to enjoy a freshly brewed espresso or perfectly chilled glass of wine. Call now to reserve your next hair appointment.