CACHEZ SALON STUDIO; is a small private independent hair studio. A space that allows me to do my very best work for you without distractions. There is no noise or chaos that exist is a full sized salon addressing the needs of numerous clients and staff at one time. Instead, I have provided you a space of privacy, comfort and relaxation while receiving one on one attention. 

ABOUT ME; KAYLA MARTEL. I am a color specialist with a love for Balayage and an eye for detail. I use a variety of techniques to achieve the most natural looking, I was born with it hair color that last. And this is why my clients see me on an average of 12 weeks for color services. When your hair grows out so gracefully, I haven't seen you in months and it still looks good then I know we have you in the right shade. If I am seeing a client back in my chair for anything sooner unless it is grey coverage then we have to address goals, budget and time. My goal for you as a client is to enjoy the world of hair color not be a slave to it.

SALON NAME; CaChez was the name of my Uncle Mark Paladino's two salons. He owned one in the Hartford Civic Center and one on LaSalle Road in West Hartford when I was a child. My Grandmother Jackie Paladino fully managed both salons all the while battling Parkinsons Disease. They are the reason I am a stylist today. My Uncle introduced me to this world and my Grandmother taught me how to work in the world. So, for them, I am proud and honored to welcome you to my chair at Cachez Salon Studio.