Artistry of Painting Hair...

Welcome to the Hair Colorist World of Hair Painting: the most Desirable Hair Coloring Techniques!  


Ok, I know you're all wanting clarity on these oh so popular phrases... Ombré, Balayage, Sombre, Babylights...!

Are you feeling like your left out of this whole new language and vocab while talking to your girlfriends about the latest trends in hair coloring? 

Do you want a completely customized hair color service that is still budget friendly and low maintenance?

I will fill you in on the latest techniques in hair coloring and get you all caught up on your trendy hair vocab. So, let's get it started! 


Ombré- yes, we all know, the trend is still going strong. For those of you loving the look of your natural base color at the roots transitioning down to much lighter ends, this is all you. You get the best of both worlds. Depth of darkness mixed with lightness and brightness, while still having almost no worries of upkeep.

Sombre-comes next. Basically it's you're perfect compromise of ombré and traditional highlights from the scalp. It's still a very soft graduation in color from darker roots down to lighter ends, but the blending starts closer to the root and much softer. Resulting in a more blended, lighter, brighter overall color than the ombré technique. It still has lots of dimension, color variations and still lower maintenance than a traditional highlight which is placed right at the scalp. It's main benefit over ombré is the brighter accentuations placed around the face. This is also, a great transition color from an ombré by breaking up the depth of darkness on the crown of the head.

Babylights- basically explains itself. Instead of being hair inspired by the magazine pages of super models we go back to the most desirable hair color by everyone, since forever ago. Babies Hair! It's literally the most incredible perfection of highlights and of course it's NATURAL. Ugh, and they have no clue how lucky they are or how much we would pay to have their hair! So, once we get over all that envy... I have good news, we now have the education, tools and techniques to steal their thunder. 

Balayage- is the technique ladies. It's our joy and pleasure as stylist to truly paint our art onto your hair. This is what starts to separate hair dressers from true color specialist. We seek out the textures in your hair, the variations in length and your face structure to highlight key places we'd really like light to reflect. Light reflection is key. It's what each and every one of us love about a picture. Those geourgous Victoria's Secret Models with the most fabulous hair are filtered with the industries best lighting and magical sun beams. Which, is the flickers of brightness making us all super jealous with hair envy... Amongst other envy ; ) Now, this is the goal we seek to shine with the talented artistry of freehand placement and techniques.


So, there it is in a nutshell. 

And, if you haven't already determined how obsessed and excited I am over all this hair color fun, I just got in some new Freelighting Tools dying to play with your hair! Call, TODAY and join the bandwagon of hair obsession and envy : ))


2015 Hair Trends

2015 Hair Trends: Model Search

Cachéz Salon Studio is looking for female hair models for use on the 2015 Hair Trends Collection Page for 

Collection will be a variety of all 2015 trends, for example seasons, lengths, colors, styles, prom, bridal, etc.

Compensation is 2015 Hair Trends Style/Service.

If interested submit @ Please include:
Full Name
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***Current Hair Photo*** FRONT / BACK
Availability Time For Hair Trends Appointment (min 1 hour)

Please email only! All inquires will be confidential. Submit by 2/1/15.


FALLing back...

Fall is a great time to embrace our natural roots and tones as it begins our newest hair color transition. Whether it be enhancing the rooted look from old summer highlights by going full Ombré, maybe adding in new lo-lights or perhaps even the infamous "red" word, Fall is a pallet full of color options. 
Unfortunately, "Summer" hair and sun rays have wrecked havoc on the porosity of hair causing our new freshly added pigments to fade oh so quickly.  So, that is just not acceptable for you or your stylist. We all want to preserve those changes and make them last as long as possible. Taking a few extra cautionary steps will help keep that color fresh, vibrant and full of depth.

1. Start with always using a high quality color preserving shampoo/conditioner and wash minimally. This is a must! (Chemical services are only as good as the person maintaining them.)
2. Use cooler water or cap your hair in the shower when not washing.
3. Try "Lo-Lights" with any color to add depth of pigments.
4. Finish off a color service with a "Gloss" to add shine back in to summer dullness and also act as a barrier for the color. The gloss will fade first so your color is protected underneath.
5. A "Filler" may be needed depending on how light and/or porous your hair is from the environment and chemical services. This service replaces what pigments are missing from the cuticle and in turn makes your new fall shade stay vibrant.
6. As always, have FUN with color! It can always be changed!

Seasonal color changes are a fun way to stay current with trends and color tones which enhance our natural skin tones. Not only is it a great way to stay on top of your hair color maintenance but also your budget and your hair will be much healthier by preventing "over processed" hair from too frequent chemical visits. So, embrace "Seasonal Hair Colors" as a great goal for all chemical services!

"Summer's Hair!"

"Summer's Hair!" 
Yes, Summer is here! Yes, That means Sun Hair! Here are a few simple inexpensive tips to have healthy shinny hair instead of dry, dull, frizzy, brassy hair.

1. Trim those ends!!!
2. Simple inexpensive Demi-Permanent colors add a high glossy shine and correct tone.
3. Get the monthly keratin treatment, very low cost while minimizing frizz and cuts down blow drying time.
4. Variety of tone correcting shampoos, recommended based on your individual needs.
5. Wear a hat! : )
6. Use a leave-in conditioner or sun protectant while at the beach and pool.


Fight the FRIZZ; Find the CURE!

I have done a ton of research on the safety aspects of Keratin Treatments therefore, I am certain I have found a safe Keratin treatment while providing effective results! The main concern of Keratin and other long lasting smoothing chemicals is Formeldahyde levels. Simply Smooth Keratin is entering in the world of Keratin products at the absolute lowest end industry wide, while providing the same results. Also, at a much more affordable service cost than any other product. While others are claiming they contain Zero Formeldahyde, it is a false illusion from reality. I don't want to give a chemistry lesson but bottom line is some products do NOT contain it as an active ingredient, YET, the hidden truth is that when the hair and product is heated the Formeldahyde gas has been created and released into the air. So, they mislead you that you are walking around free of the "F" word but it's very misleading to the full truth.

For more info, join in on the discussion or contact me at the salon.


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