Fight the FRIZZ; Find the CURE!

I have done a ton of research on the safety aspects of Keratin Treatments therefore, I am certain I have found a safe Keratin treatment while providing effective results! The main concern of Keratin and other long lasting smoothing chemicals is Formeldahyde levels. Simply Smooth Keratin is entering in the world of Keratin products at the absolute lowest end industry wide, while providing the same results. Also, at a much more affordable service cost than any other product. While others are claiming they contain Zero Formeldahyde, it is a false illusion from reality. I don't want to give a chemistry lesson but bottom line is some products do NOT contain it as an active ingredient, YET, the hidden truth is that when the hair and product is heated the Formeldahyde gas has been created and released into the air. So, they mislead you that you are walking around free of the "F" word but it's very misleading to the full truth.

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