FALLing back...

Fall is a great time to embrace our natural roots and tones as it begins our newest hair color transition. Whether it be enhancing the rooted look from old summer highlights by going full Ombré, maybe adding in new lo-lights or perhaps even the infamous "red" word, Fall is a pallet full of color options. 
Unfortunately, "Summer" hair and sun rays have wrecked havoc on the porosity of hair causing our new freshly added pigments to fade oh so quickly.  So, that is just not acceptable for you or your stylist. We all want to preserve those changes and make them last as long as possible. Taking a few extra cautionary steps will help keep that color fresh, vibrant and full of depth.

1. Start with always using a high quality color preserving shampoo/conditioner and wash minimally. This is a must! (Chemical services are only as good as the person maintaining them.)
2. Use cooler water or cap your hair in the shower when not washing.
3. Try "Lo-Lights" with any color to add depth of pigments.
4. Finish off a color service with a "Gloss" to add shine back in to summer dullness and also act as a barrier for the color. The gloss will fade first so your color is protected underneath.
5. A "Filler" may be needed depending on how light and/or porous your hair is from the environment and chemical services. This service replaces what pigments are missing from the cuticle and in turn makes your new fall shade stay vibrant.
6. As always, have FUN with color! It can always be changed!

Seasonal color changes are a fun way to stay current with trends and color tones which enhance our natural skin tones. Not only is it a great way to stay on top of your hair color maintenance but also your budget and your hair will be much healthier by preventing "over processed" hair from too frequent chemical visits. So, embrace "Seasonal Hair Colors" as a great goal for all chemical services!